Professional Education

BA in Business English (B.A.)

Core Courses (24 Credits)

Core Courses (24 credits)

IMG 101 Introduction to Business (3)



IMG 112 Principles of Management (3) 

A study of the principles of management; the functions of managers with regard to planning; organizing, staffing, motivating, communicating, coordinating and controlling.


IMK 212 Principles of Marketing     (3) 

Study essential principles of marketing such as product, pricing, distribution and promotion. In addition, studying the marketing foundation for example, consumer behavior, factors and causes of consumption, general knowledge of marketing and marketing in different aspects as international marketing, industrial marketing, marketing and environment


ICS 202 Introduction to Business Computing (3)

A study of the use of computers in business, with emphasis on applications of micro-computers in publications, storage of data, letters, reports, documentation, data files, data feeding, data presentations, printouts, spreadsheet programs, report printings, and graftings, all based on software packages.


IEN 211 Introduction to Language (3)

This course is an introduction to the general features of language, including its nature, components and functions of language, methods of language analysis with some background knowledge of related fields, such as morphology, phonology and syntax with emphasis on how to apply the knowledge to enhance language learning.


IEN 212 Advanced Listening and Speaking (3)

Practice of effective listening and speaking skills as well as general etiquette in social interactions, storytelling, dialogs, and group interactions in given situations.


IEN 213 Advanced Reading and Writing (3)

Study and practice of strategies for reading academic texts in business identifying principal ideas, understanding text organization, as well as analyzing graphic presentations, text content and writer’s approaches to presenting information. This course also promotes various methods of development, namely, cause-effect, classification, and comparison-contrast, in the writing of advanced rhetoric: analysis, evaluation, and argumentation and persuasion.


IEN 214 English Pronunciation (3)

An intensive study of phonological systems and methods of pronunciation of British and American English; a practice in listening and pronouncing English, including the use of phonetic symbols with the emphasis on problems encountered by Thai students                                   


Major Requirements (30 credits)

Major Requirements (30 credits)

IEN 222 English for Business Oral Communication (3)

This course enhances the students’ general business conversation skills. It includes practice in the skills of listening, speaking in the context of entry/junior level work such as appropriate greetings, telephone conversation, welcoming and assisting company guests, taking and transferring verbal messages, responding appropriately to others and taking part in informal discussions and exchanges.


IEN 223 Reading and Writing in Business English (3)

This course involves the basic principles of rhetoric, such as the elements of argument (purposes, an arguer, audiences and issues) for reading and writing argumentative and persuasive texts in business. This includes the analysis of content and presentation of information and propositions in newspaper and business magazine articles and editorials. The course offers practices in techniques for developing argumentative/persuasive essays.


IEN 224 English for Business Presentations (3)

This course involves the public speaking, audio-visual and other skills required for effective business presentations. The relevant procedures, knowledge, and issues related to planning and giving business presentations are covered as are the various types of presentations used in today’s business environment.  Skills and knowledge in building and improving communication and self-confidence are also be examined

IEN 311 ASEAN Studies (3)

The course increases students’ awareness and understanding of ASEAN and the ASEAN Community. Areas covered include the four major areas of ASEAN cooperation and the Association’s Major program and initiatives


IEN 312 English for Business Meetings (3)

This course involves a study of formats and language used in business meetings such as conducting formal meetings, stating opinions, accepting and rejecting opinions, and taking and preparing minutes.


IEN 411 Seminar in ASEAN Business Topics (3)

The course increases students’ awareness and understanding of ASEAN and the ASEAN Community. Areas covered include the four major areas of ASEAN cooperation: Political and Security, Economic, Functional and Development.


IEN 412 Cultural Knowledge and Communication (3)

This course involves the attainment of the cultural knowledge required to understand how to communicate effectively across cultures. The course provides an intellectual framework for understanding the relationships between language, culture and behavior in diverse international environments. 


IEN 413 English for Business Proposals and Reports (3)

This course includes a study of the principles of writing business proposals, situations and audience analysis, collecting, researching and synthesizing information, formats and features of business proposals and different kinds of business reports, including informative and persuasive.


IEN 421 Intercultural Competence in Business (3)     

This course provides students with the understandings and skills required to conduct business with a superior level of intercultural competence which is crucial for commercial success. This course focuses on business aspects of intercultural competence. Students examine how culture and intercultural dynamics influence interactions between people, businesses, organisations and management in a variety of settings. Particular areas of importance include different cultural approaches to management, organisational structures, meetings, time, productivity, status and staff. It also covers the effects of culture and language in communication between people from various countries.


IEN 422 English for Business Negotiations and Persuasion (3)

A study of principles and techniques in business negotiations and persuasion. Practice in preparing structures of different types of negotiations and persuasion and their implementation with the roles of communication, different types of power, cultural factors affecting negotiations, practical negotiating frameworks and tactics.


Major Electives (30 credits)

Major Electives (30 credits)

IEN 301 English for Airline Business (3)

A study of the technical terms, structures, expressions and documents in passenger handling, ticketing and rendering other services ; practice in listening, speaking, writing and reading.


ITM 201 English for Tourism (3)



ITM 202 English for Hotel (3)



IEN 302 English for International Trade and Industrial Management (3)

A study of technical terms, structures, expressions and documents commonly used in international trade, international marketing, import/export procedures and international management; practice in listening, speaking, writing and reading.


IEN 303 English for Finance and Economics (3)

Study of and practice in English language usage in banking, finance and economics, the terminology and skills in international economic and financial environments.


IEN 304 English for Mass Communication (3)

A study and practice of reading, writing, and translating news and various types of articles with special focus on word choice, structure, format and style in newspapers, advertisements, public relations and broadcasting.


IEN 305 English for Human Resource Management (3)

Study of fundamental principles in human resource management and English language usage for communication in human resource management including interviewing, writing scripts for the classified, replying to application letters, writing training projects, conducting training, and writing appraisal reports.


IEN 306 English for Entrepreneurs (3)

A study English for Entrepreneurs in different ways as English for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), English for Franchising Business, English for Online Entrepreneurs. Study basic conversation for entrepreneurs as business negotiation, price bargaining, servicing customers and study basic business terms in the field of marketing, finance, management for entrepreneurs.


IEN 307 English for Business Consultancy (3)

A study of how consultants operate and how to select and manage them. The course includes the English usage, terminology, theory and practice involved in client needs assessment, managing expectations, controlling project scop, ethics and evaluation


IEN 308 English for Business Training (3)

A study of the theory and practice of business training, training needs assessments, course design, implementation and evaluation. It covers various approaches to training and situational effects.


IEN 401 Seminar in Business-Related Topics (3)

A study of major current business and economic issues, including management, marketing, and planning.


IEN 300 Translation I (3)

Study of the basic principles and practice in translation of business material including memos, letters, and product information manuals and instructions from English to and from Thai, translation problems and their solutions(This course is offered for Thai students only).


IEN 400 Translation II (3)

Study of translating from English to Thai and vice versa long and complex texts from various business sources, such as reports, news, articles, advertisements and minutes; analysis of translating problems and solutions (This course is offered for Thai students only)


IEN 402 Selected Literary Works    (3)

Study of and practice in critical reading and analsysis of selected litary works.


IEN 403 Foundation of Language Teaching (3)

Study of principles and theories of English language teaching, various approaches to language instruction management and teaching methods.


IEN 404 Methodology of English Language Teaching (3)

An introduction to the field of English language teaching, traditional and innovative classroom methods and techniques for teaching listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to speakers of English as a second language.


IEN 405 Linguistics for English Teaching     (3)

Study of essential linguistic concepts for English language study, major subfields of linguistics for English teachers, the application of linguistic knowledge in English language teaching.


IEN 406 Research Writing (3)

A study of fundamental research methods and practice of conducting different types of research on various topics related to business and students’ interests.


IEN 444 Independent Study (3)

An Individualized study under faculty supervision, focusing on a specific business area of topic. Evaluation will be based on projects or assignments (Dean’s approval is required).


IEN 430 Cooperative Education (3)    

The study of actual working processes in a real-world establishment in the capacity of an employee to prepare the student for future careers in the most systemic manner possible. The student will be assigned to a full-time position at an establishment for a minimum period of one educational term or sixteen weeks. The job is one of quality which offers the possibility of relevant work-integrated learning or project-based learning and contributes to the benefit of the entity. The student will be evaluated for their performance by the faculty and the establishment. As well, the student will be required to deliver a report summarizing their performance following the conclusion of their cooperative education work assignment.


ICO 301 Pre-Cooperative Education (3)