Professional Education

BA in Entrepreneurship (B.B.A.)

Core Courses (51 Credits)

Core Courses  (51 credits)

IAC102 Financial Accounting (3)    

Study the foundation of financial accounting, cash flow management, financial accounting, financial forecasting, financial ratio, financial statement analysis, financial system and management, controlling and reporting of financial income statement.


IAC203 Managerial Accounting (3)

Study knowledge of managerial accounting as accounting for cost management, different types of costs, i.e. fixed cost, variable costs, managerial accounting for profit and sales, managerial accounting for controlling company finance, management of cash in and out, allocation of profit, stocks and capital and using managerial accounting for decision making such as whether to product additional unit, special project consideration, dropping, and budgeting.


ICS202 Introduction to Business Computing (3)

Study using computer for doing business and working process as data collection, filing management system, data processing, analyzing data by different ways, data presentation and using instant business program as accounting, marketing and management.                                               


IEC203 Principles of Economics (3)

Study essential principles of micro and macroeconomics for business as consumption characteristics, consumption concepts, criteria for maximizing consumption utility, production and distribution for maximizing social benefits. Types of market, as monopoly, perfectly competitive marketing, basic knowledge of macroeconomics as business cycles, employment rate, inflation, deflation, concepts for solving economic problems influencing private sector and knowledge about general international economics like ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and study principles of economics.


IEM311 Entrepreneurship (3)                                                              

Study characteristics of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, types of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial concepts like developing business model, topping business, succeeding business, family business management, business modernization, and knowledge of small and medium enterprises.


IFI212 Business Finance (3)

Study business finance as finding interest rate in different ways, cost calculation for business finance like issuing corporate bond, increase share, borrowing, study about business finance such as acquiring and using cash, credit, fundamental financial ratio analysis, basic knowledge of financial organizations and institutions as US central bank, national bank, commercial bank, credit rating institutions, international monetary fund, international financial reserve.        


ILA102 Business Law (3)

Study business laws in general from the start-up, types of business like partnership, sole proprietorship, company, study law of persons, legal person in business, using checks, financial instrument, guaranteeing, pawing, mortgaging, basic knowledge of business law and acts like maturity, inheritance, contract, acquiring and losing rights, basic knowledge of business laws in general.                                      


ILA301 Taxation (3)           

Study about taxation management and types of taxes related to business as excise tax, value-added tax, purchase tax, property tax. In addition, personal tax, tax deductible for legal persons and individuals, general problems of tax and taxation for legal persons and individuals.


IMA104 Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making (3)

Study principles of quantitative techniques for decision making and theories used in deciding as matrix, probability theory, decision theory, calculation of cost, price and profit, using linear program for calculation, games theory and calculation for finance and banking like borrowing calculation, interest rate.        


IMG101 Introduction to Business (3)         

Study introduction to business knowledge, for example, finance, marketing, financial institution, 

acquiring and using cash, foundation of business concept, business planning, importance of business to the country, foundation of doing international business and foundation of production and production management.


IMG112 Principles of Management (3)

Study essential principles of management for business as planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Study modern and contemporary organization theories, organization structuring, managing organizational conflicts and organization development.


IMG212 Production and Operation Management (3)

Study production and operation management, production line, production layouts, traditional production, continuous and discrete production, managing planning and controlling production, production planning, quantitative and qualitative production, total quality management and techniques for production control. 


IMG311 International Business Management (3)

Study international business from the beginning as deciding the country to invest, analyzing marketing strategy and economy, international business and cross cultural management, concepts of creative international business management and adjusting modernized businesses, international risk management, issues of international business as logistics and supply chain management, international financial management, new economic integration as ASEAN Economic Community (ACE) and roles of new emerging economic countries such as China and India.


IMK212 Principles of Marketing (3)

Study essential principles of marketing such as product, pricing, distribution and promotion. In addition, studying the marketing foundation for example, consumer behavior, factors and causes of consumption, general knowledge of marketing and marketing in different aspects as international marketing, industrial marketing, marketing and environment.    


IPM213 Human Resources Management (3)

Study human resource management from recruiting, positioning, selecting, motivating and supporting personnels. Business personnel management, personnel development, and basic organization development and study essential organization behaviors like collective grouping, organization behaviors from coercive influences, voluntary work, problems of organization conflicts, group influence, building relationship in organization, supporting and promoting work in team and organization behavior theories.                         


IPM323 Organizational Behavior (3)

Study definition and characteristics of organization, behaviors of personnel in the organization, inspiring motivation and developing personnels in organization, personnel conflict management, organization management and development theories.                      


IST202 Business Statistics (3)        

Study business statistics and principles of statistics, statistical research, probability principles, assumption and hypothesis testing, process and principles of business statistics, statistical theories, use of t-test, z-test, pair-test and others. Applying the SPSS for business statistics.


Major Requirements (30 credits)

Major Requirements  (30 credits)

IEM320 Entrepreneurial New Venture (3)

Study causes and possibility for doing entrepreneurial business or project such as study possibility in doing new business, fundamental risk assessment, new business location, new business negotiation and coordination for the start-up business, issues of new entrepreneurial new venture, and business process management of the new venture.                    


IEM321 Entrepreneurial Finance (3)

Study financial management for entrepreneurs in forms, as allocation of assets of small and medium enterprise entrepreneurs, study of acquiring capital for entrepreneurs and general financial institution for entrepreneurs and asset management for entrepreneurs, and other entrepreneurial asset management.


IEM323 Technology for Entrepreneurship (3)

Study essential modern technology and innovation for entrepreneurs in different purposes of use such as communication technology, transportation technology, production technology, buying and selling technology and raw material sourcing technology and other technology as environmental technology


IEM326 Business Negotiation and Problem Solving (3)

Study concepts and negotiation techniques and business problem solving today, forms and concepts of business reconciliation and necessary law involved, techniques and concept in dealing business in domestic and international level, business problem solving in domestic and international level. In addition, study public and private organizations that help in modern business negotiation.


IEM327 Logistics and Supply Chain Management for Entrepreneurship (3)        

Study logistics and Supply Chain Management for Entrepreneurs since study of essential logistics forms, structures and system, study supply chain for entrepreneurs since raw material sourcing, production, inventory management, warehousing, buying and selling, transportation, reverse engineering, including technologies for logistics today such as online database system, RFID use


IEM334 Entrepreneurial Business Strategy (3)

Study important entrepreneurial business strategy such as market-entry strategy, marketing strategy, advertising strategy, publicity, using direct and indirect marketing strategy, and developing concepts of modern marketing strategies indifferent forms as developing business model for entrepreneurs, human resource management strategy, financial strategy for entrepreneurship.


IEM335 Marketing for Entrepreneurship (3)        

Study marketing theories and marketing management for entrepreneurs by studying marketing theories and marketing management in general and study marketing theories and marketing management for different kinds of entrepreneurs as small and medium enterprises, online entrepreneurs, industrial entrepreneurs, and service entrepreneurs and learn entrepreneurial marketing techniques to apply in the different kinds of entrepreneurs.


IEM425 Entrepreneurial Ethics and Social Responsibility (3)

Study relationship and importance of entrepreneurial ethics and social responsibility, roles and responsibility that entrepreneurs should have for such as environmental responsibility, customers’ responsilbity, stakeholders’ responsibility, and doing entrepreneurial project or activity for promoting and developing society such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


IEM426 Entrepreneurial Risk Management (3)

Study entrepreneurial risk and risk management in different forms in business as cost and production risk, social and environmental risk, and high intensive competition in the market, risk from uncertainty of market and international entrepreneurial risks as foreign exchange rate fluctuation.


IEM427 Entrepreneurial Business Networking and Cluster Management (3)     

Study benefits and characteristics of Thai and international business networking by integrating a linkage of economic, social, culture and interest based, developing business networking in industrial sectors or areas of industrial and business entrepreneurs, developing cluster and creating cluster, roles of government in promoting cluster networking, creating formal and informal business networking such as developing international, national and individual level of business networking


Major Electives (12 credits)

Major Electives (12 credits)

IEM324 Creativity and Innovation Management (3)

Study issues of creativity, forming creativity, and problem solving by using creativity. In addition, study how to transfer creativity into innovation, adding value to the products and services by using creativity, managing organization and conflict by using creativity, creatively developing products and innovations in ways to response the needs of consumers and increase competitiveness for entrepreneurs.    


IEM336 Living the Entrepreneurial Experience (3)

Study living the entrepreneurial experience, thinking ways, attitudes, decision making, study how to run the entrepreneurial business in different periods or stages as growth, decline, ways to deal with problems and business uncertainty, coping with suppliers, producers and competitors and case study.         


IEM337 Entrepreneurship for ASEAN Economic Community (3)  

Study thoughts, attitudes and ways of doing business of entrepreneurs in ASEAN Economic Community such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, how to take advantages of being a country member in ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Importance of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) integration, characteristics and strategies to use in doing business for entrepreneurs in ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Business opportunities, strategies and techniques to succeed in doing business in ASEAN region, general knowledge of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) for interesting investors such as laws, societies and cultures, and economies.


IEM338 Entrepreneurship in China (3)      

Study characteristics of Chinese entrepreneurs, determinants of business success of entrepreneurs in China such as understanding of Chinese culture, law, society and economies, study forms in doing businesses in China and organization units involving with doing businesses in China, Study common or special characteristics of entrepreneurs in special administrative government such as Hong Kong and study characteristics of oversea Chinese entrepreneurs and their concepts of doing businesses.  


IEM339 Entrepreneurship in Thailand (3) 

Study characteristics of entrepreneurship in Thailand, thoughts and determinants in doing business successfully, developing and topping existing businesses in Thailand, study entrepreneurs in different types in Thailand such as family business, personal business, study organizations involving in promoting Thai entrepreneurs, study dominant characteristics of entrepreneurs in Thailand such as Chinese-Thai entrepreneurs, Sikh-Thai entrepreneurs, new generation and technological entrepreneurs, family business entrepreneurs and franchising entrepreneurs.       


IEM340 Small and Medium Enterprise Management (3)

Study small and medium enterprise management and learn how to write business plan, developing concepts in managing small and medium enterprises, small and medium enterprise in different aspects such as marketing, finance, management, essential law and regulations for small and medium enterprises and study problems of small and medium enterprises such as lacking capital or sourcing of funds, shortage of production resources, threats from modern trade and study how to cope with the change, change management and business problem solving.    


IEM341 Trade and Industrial Development for Entrepreneurship (3)

Study trade and industrial development for entrepreneurs starting from trade thoughts and development influencing trade and industrial development, modern industry, industrial estates, industrial parks, and developing logistics and supply chain management, concepts and industrial policies, industrial promotion thoughts, investment promotion from government and international sectors,  special rights from Board of Investment (BOI). The course aims to enlight students to real investment and in addition to study the growth of industry and some industrial environmental problems.


IEM421 Project Management for Entrepreneurship (3)               

Study project management for entrepreneurs by studying planning, resource allocation, developing projects, budgeting in project management, possibility and feasibility study of project, studying techniques using in analyzing benefits and breakeven cost and profit in the future of project as calculating project cost, applying Gantt chart and excel computation.


IEM422 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship (3)

Study special topics in entrepreneurship such as characteristics of modern entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, technological entrepreneurs, creating entrepreneurs and problems of modern entrepreneurship such as problem from economic and social uncertainty and other interesting issues.        


IEM423 Seminar in Entrepreneurship (3)  

Study interesting topics of entrepreneurship by establishing seminar, presenting important material of entrepreneurship, focusing on conversation, questioning and answering, debating interesting topics about entrepreneurs and encouraging students to participate and give opinions as well as listening to the new information and knowledge of entrepreneurship.              


IEM424 Independent Study (3)                  

Study and doing project or research based on interest of students under instructor’s supervision.


ICO301 Pre-Cooperative Education (3)

Study and prepare for entering into the real work in pre-cooperative education as job application letter writing, selecting workplace for working and study basic knowledge of potential workplace and work preparation.         


IEM430 Cooperative Education (3)    

Training and work in the real workplace under supervision from the faculty.